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Media Mega-Star confesses love for "Sangria"

Content Generator David Portnoy declared his all-time favorite alcoholic beverage to be "Sangria". With recipes varying wildly in Spain and Portugal, fans can only speculate the specifics of his favorite version of the spiked punch. The bombshell news was originated out of Wainstock, NY - a quaint town nestled somewhere between the Hamptons. Portnoy was reviewing the restaurant "La Capannina", and gave the Sicilian version a whopping 9.7 out of 10. Coming off less than a month with COVID-19 Dave was looking a bit weathered. Maybe its time for a nice haircut and a visit to Boston, where we are enjoying weather in the high 70s. To be honest it doesnt quite surprise me. Internet genius David Scott Portnoy, has not been seen holding a beer can in over 9000 hours of video content. Drop a comment if you've shared a cocktail with the President himself!

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